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3He polarization based ultra-low field MRI lung inspection system prototype
Liangliang Hu Hefei University of Technology
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Huami MRI Exploration
Huawei Zhao Huami Corporation
MR1 /MRI1 2021-11-13 14:20 ~ 14:45
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Preliminary study of real-time imaging for MR guided intervention and image quality assessment
Kunkun Liu Department of MRI, Taiyuan Central Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, Shanxi, 03009, China;Department of Physiology, Shanxi Medical University, Shanxi, China.
Pos /Pos 2021-11-13 09:00 ~ 09:05
ATTENDEE Poster Presentation
Classification of four-class motion imagination tasks based on EEG by combining EEG source imaging with convolution neural networks
璐 周 南京航空航天大学
NM1 /NM1 2021-11-13 16:25 ~ 16:40
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Traits and Trends of AI in Medical Imaging
S. Kevin Zhou Professor University of Science and Technology of China
PS2 /SunMS 2021-11-14 10:45 ~ 11:10
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Super Resolution of MR via Learning Virtual Parallel Imaging
Cailian Yang Nanchang University
MRI2 /MRI2 2021-11-14 16:00 ~ 16:15
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Introduction to FLASH proton therapy research
Hsiao-Ming Lu Professor Institute of Ion Medicine, University of Science and Technology of China
PS1 /SatMS 2021-11-13 11:10 ~ 11:35
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Recent Developments of Cone-Beam CT Spectral Imaging
Hewei Gao Tsinghua University
PS2 /CT1 2021-11-14 14:45 ~ 15:10
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Current Situation and Development Tendency of X-ray Flat Panel Detector
Jason Liu iRay Technology Company Limited
PS2 /CT1 2021-11-14 13:55 ~ 14:20
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Kui Cai Beijing Hosipital
PS2 /SunMS 2021-11-14 08:00 ~ 08:25
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Fazhan Shi Professor University of Science and Technology of China
MRI2 /MRI2 2021-11-14 14:50 ~ 15:15
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Design of Pharmacokinetic Analysis System Based on Fluorescence Detection
怡燃 李 南京航空航天大学
Pos Pending
ATTENDEE Poster Presentation
Real-time efficacy evaluation of microwave ablation based on reduced scattering coefficient and Young's modulus
晓飞 晋 南京航空航天大学
RT2 /US 2021-11-14 16:00 ~ 16:15
ATTENDEE Oral presentation
Guoping Shan Cancer Hospital of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
RT2 /RT2 2021-11-14 13:35 ~ 14:00
ATTENDEE Invited speech
Jie Qiu Professor Peking Union Medical College Hospital
RT2 /RT2 2021-11-14 13:10 ~ 13:35
ATTENDEE Invited speech
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